Reconnect With Your Reservoir

October, 2015 Featured Technology on Energauge.

With the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) price of oil hovering under the $50 mark, less than half of what it was before it began it’s descent in June of 2014, producers are even more keen than usual to find innovative and cost effective ways to boost existing production.  Fortunately, Blue Spark Energy offers one such technology…

During the lifetime of a well, many experience blockage issues due to scaling, solids accumulation, etc. This often impedes the flow path from the reservoir to the wellbore and negatively affects well performance.

Enter Blue Spark Energy’s WASP® (Wireline Applied Stimulation Pulses) Technology.  WASP® uses electricity to create rapid, high power hydraulic impulses, which translate to a shockwave that travels at 1,500 m/s and a 10,000 psi high pressure pulse.  Watch their demonstration video here.

This shockwave opens existing fractures and dislocates blockages at any depth, improving connectivity between the wellbore and reservoir.  Thus, WASP® can be used to enhance oil flow, recover otherwise unrecoverable reserves, or even increase flow on injector or disposal wells.

One of the advantages that Blue Spark’s WASP® offers as a stimulation technique is its efficiency.  It is deployed on wireline and requires few personnel to do so.  This ease of deployment saves time and money – in fact most treatments are performed in one day.  The localized pulse also ensures that wellbore integrity is maintained.

When it comes to environmental impact, WASP® does not use any water or chemicals. Furthermore, WASP® requires fewer trucks onsite, and thus has a smaller land and carbon footprint than most stimulation operations – in fact WASP® treats a 5m interval using the same amount of energy needed to power a 100W bulb for 3hrs.

Finally, Blue Spark’s technology is proven.  Over 50 companies have used their WASP® technology to stimulate more than 300 wells worldwide.  What’s more, their case studies have shown an average production improvement of 250%!! For example, one treatment in the Montney in Western Canada took just over two hours, but increased oil production by 166% as shown in the plot below:



Their breadth of experience is not limited to the Montney however – they have performed stimulation operations everywhere from heavy oil wells in California to offshore in the North Sea.  You can view the results from some of their other case studies here.

It is results such as these that make Blue Spark and their WASP® technology worthy of mention on our Featured Technology page.  Their cost effective, efficient and “green” technology is successful in allowing operators to “Reconnect with their Reservoir”.



For more information about Blue Spark Energy and their WASP® technology, contact them directly:

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