LLR and LMR Solutions through Innovative Technology Integration

Please join us as industry leaders come together to host a collaborative technical program to address challenges faced in the industry for reducing liabilities, optimizing production and improving asset performance by using innovative remediation & reclamation techniques.

Be part of the discussion! Through advancements of innovative technology and sharing of ideas/successes amongst the industry this will improve the life of the well, maximize recovery under constantly changing reservoir and operating conditions, reduce operating costs and alleviate environmental impact.


About us:

Blue Spark Energy: Established in 2011, Blue Spark Energy is a privately-held oilfield services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Blue Spark Energy’s WIRELINE APPLIED STIMULATION PULSING (WASP®) technology provides an innovative, efficient, low cost, low risk oil and gas well stimulation method that dramatically increases productivity with less impact on the environment. The WASP® technology converts, compresses and discharges electrical energy as usable high-power hydraulic pulses to improve connectivity between the well bore and reservoir, with an average improvement of more than 200%.


Roke Technologies Ltd: Roke Technologies Ltd. specializes in delivering reliable and proven reservoir evaluation through pipe using our unique Quad Neutron Technology.  Through extensive nuclear modeling and analysis of empirical results in downhole applications, we continue to develop the Quad technology.  Clients across the globe are utilizing the unique Quad measurement and interpretation methods in unlocking previously unfound resources We have a proud legacy of Research & Development, and this continues today.  We control all aspects of the tool development process within our base facilities.  Mechanical and electronic design, software development, tool assembly, testing, and characterization are key components of our operation.


Land Integrity Foundation: LIF is a not for profit, multifaceted foundation that straddles, the Oil and Gas industry, Municipal Governments, Regulatory bodies, Builders and Developers.  The foundation has been successful in positively changing both LLR and LMR statuses.

Once a well is registered with the foundation, the following actions will be triggered:

  1. An assessment will be made which includes:  wellbore integrity, production viability, land status, AER file assessment, commercial liens and easements, development applications. See attachment C sample of triage assessment.
  2. A report will be generated outlining the result of the assessment and submitted to the owner and other stakeholders.
  3. Recommendations will be made as to which consultants, partners, service providers etc. Are capable of assisting (or completing) the recommended mitigation required to move the well to a lower liability rank or elimination of the liability.




Steve Petten, Canadian General Manager, Blue Spark Energy

Steve Petten brings 20 years of operation and sales experience in the North American drilling, completions and production markets to the Blue Spark Energy team. Steve has held various operational and sales roles with larger multinational organizations as well as smaller service providers. Most recently he held the position of Vice President for Sales and Marketing for the Keane Group.


Hermann Kramer, President and CEO of Roke Technologies Ltd

Hermann Kramer is the current President and CEO of Roke Technologies Ltd. Hermann brings 20+ years’ experience in sub surface wireline measurements including international experience in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. In 2008, Hermann was instrumental in forming Roke Technologies Ltd., acquiring the intellectual property and operating assets from Roke Oil Enterprises. Hermann is a professional engineer, cofounded the Canadian Society for Gas Migration and is a member of SPWLA and APEGGA. Hermann holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary in Electrical Engineering.


Deidre A. Macht, Director of the “LIF” – Land Integrity Foundation

Deidre is an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor which has influenced most of her contracts over the last 15 years. Deidre is currently the contract Instructor for “Environment Health and Safety Concerns in Oil and Gas I & II”. These courses are required as part of the Applied Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering and the Petroleum Engineering Technology programs; at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, MacPhail School of Energy. She has designed and developed these courses, herself. They are a reflection of EH&S federal, provincial and municipal compliance requirements. Over the last 10 years she has coordinated both; an Oil and Gas internal advisory group along with a Synergy Group for Oil and Gas development in and around City of Calgary. Taking an integral role in all intercity and proximity locations dealing with Oil, Gas and Sour Gas well(s) or pipeline applications within municipal limits. Over the last 30 years she has worked with and trained a variety of Energy companies, First Nations Energy Bands and regulatory compliance boards across North America. She has provided compliance data modeling assistance to CAPP, CAPL, CAPLA, AEW, SEPAC and the AER.




September 1st, 2016 U of C Downtown Campus

7:30 AM          Arrival & Registration

8:00 AM          Welcome & Introduction

8:15 AM          Utilizing Through Pipe Technology to Improve Production Efficiency

9:15 AM          The Sting of the WIP

10:15 AM        Coffee Break

10:30 AM        Wireline Applied Stimulation Pulsing to Reconnect with Your Reservoir

11:30 AM        Key Note Address

12:00 PM        Lunch and WASP® Demonstration


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Who Should Attend:


  • Production engineers, directors, specialist, managers and advisors
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Well Engineering
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Completion engineers
  • Automation and Systems Engineering
  • Project Management
  • HS&E and Social Development Advisors
  • Investment Analysis and Field Strategic Planning
  • Government policy advisors and managers
  • Regulators
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Service and supply companies
  • Technology directors, managers and advisors
  • Petroleum technology innovators and developers
  • Experienced professionals interested in learning about new technologies

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