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Changing the Science of Productivity The hows & whys of Blue Spark Oil & Gas Well Services

Blue Spark Energy has developed technology to increase productivity of oil and gas wells through inventive and reliable methods of oil & gas well remediation while reducing economic, environmental and safety risks.

“In a world where ‘do better’ is a catchphrase we use to motivate our business partners, our co-workers and even ourselves to strive for increasing success – Blue Spark is the ‘better’ – offering an innovative, environmentally responsible and efficient solution for oil and gas well remediation.” Todd Parker CEO, Blue Spark Energy

We are a private company focused on celebrating creativity, encouraging uniqueness, driving efficiency and maintaining an air of geekiness. Yes, we are tech geeks to the core – and proud of our heritage. And like all geeks, we are totally excited about thinking of new, innovative and crazy solutions that do things better not just different. We live to search for answers no one else has been able to think of.

Since our formation in 2011, Blue Spark has improved oil and gas production in over 300 projects from British Columbia to Romania, from California to the North Sea. You can read about these and other successes in our case studies.

We look forward to working with you and to show you, first hand, just how good our technology really is at well remediation, solving problems, increasing production and reducing risks. You may even get to learn our secret handshake.

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A Spark Of Ingenuity Technology that allows for: Less risk. Less cost. Less time. More profit.

Blue Spark Energy is a subsidiary of I-Pulse, an innovative think-tank that continues to develop high-pulse power for industry, a groundbreaking technology derived from extensive research. Blue Spark was entrusted to develop a tool that would improve production of oil and gas wells without using explosives or, by adding fluids or chemicals to the well.

After intensive efforts, Blue Spark established a unique and ingenious application for the oil & gas industry and oil & gas well services. The technology developed rapidly, going from drawing board to working on 3 continents in just 2 years.

The science behind the idea is to use a small amount of energy in a small amount of time to create a large burst of power – and to successfully repeat this hundreds or thousands of times in a safe environment, using minimal equipment, manpower and energy.



We don’t often blow our own horn, but we believe our success is something to shout about:

2015 Oil and Gas Awards Canada - New Technology Development of the Year Winner
Oil and Gas Awards Canada – New Technology Development of the Year Winner (2015)
2015 World Oil Awards – Best EOR Technology Winner
World Oil Awards – Best EOR Technology Winner
Top Safety Cultures Winner 2014
2015 Top Safety Cultures Award WinnerTop Safety Cultures Award Winner

Innovation Award – Small Business, Calgary Chamber of Commerce Finalist (2015)
VZ Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship – Southwest & Midcontinent Oil & Gas Awards Finalist (2015)
New Technology Development of the Year – General/Products – Southwest & Midcontinent Oil & Gas Award Finalist (2015)
Environmental Innovation – Global Petroleum Show Finalist (2015)

See how this exciting technology can benefit your project.

HSE and Social Responsibility

This is at the heart of who we are and how we do things. It’s as simple as that.


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